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Last Minute Ride Schedule Changes

Cancelled 9 AM Wednesday Amelia Island Trail Ride.
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The Amealia Island Trail ride is still cluttered with hurricane debris so the Wednesday, Sept. 20 ride is cancelled.

The Amelia Island Trail took a big hit from Irma. Thanks to Nassau County workers, adjacent property owners, Florida Public Utilities, and especially the Omni/Amelia Island Plantation/Martex much of it has been cleared of downed trees and a lot of the debris. But there are still segments that are blocking the AIT completely or present dangers to trail users.
> Some of the worst sections remaining to be cleared are between the road crossing by Harris Teeter and the crossing just south of Quattlefield Rd.
> Much of the work to be done will require professional crews and equipment. But, there are some areas that we volunteers could handle.
> If you can help please meet me at SuperCorsa Cycles at 9am on Wednesday and we'll do what we safely can. Bring gloves, rakes, blowers, and chain saws. I'll try to coordinate with County reps to see if we can get some professional help at about the same time. Please drop me an email if you can make it.
> Thanks,
> Mike P
> 994-556-1098

Don Eipert
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