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Katy Trail-MJA

February 2017 President’s Message


Dear Fellow Members and Friends,


I got up this morning expecting to lead my usual Saturday morning ride to find 20+ mile per hour winds with gusts to 30. I’m glad there are other “sane” ride leaders who have also cancelled rides this morning. As a club, we promote safe cycling by how we ride, where we ride and when we ride.


In my last President's letter, I wrote we had not yet identified a Director or Co-Directors for the Tour de Forts Classic®. Finding no volunteer(s) to take the position the Board voted to hire Kim Carney (see article elsewhere in this issue), a non-cyclist, who has directed several other rides. In addition, we joined the Cycling Across America Tour Series to assist us with marketing and registering for the ride, the latter through Race Roster.


Under Kim's direction, planning for the ride is going well. The route is set and, except for a couple of very minor changes, is the same as Terry Takken drew up for last year's ride. The venue, St. Augustine High School, has been secured as have been the rest stop locations. Dave Townley, despite moving to West Virginia months ago, has arranged for bike shop mechanical support for all the rest stops. Kim is on schedule to put on another great Tour de Forts Classic®.


However, the new arrangement for the ride has significantly increased our costs. To maintain the profitability of Tour de Forts Classic®, we have had to raise the registration fee for everyone and to reduce the member discount to ten dollars. Even with these changes, we will need to grow ride attendance. We are hopeful we will be successful as we have in the past


This year for the first time we are making a serious effort to find sponsors to help defray the costs of the ride. Kim has put together a sponsorship proposal which was emailed to all club members recently. Kim will be approaching potential sponsors but she could use the help of the general membership. I am sure there are members with business contacts who might be interested in a sponsorship opportunity. Please talk to them and forward a copy of the sponsorship proposal. To recognize a major sponsor on the ride jersey, we need a commitment by March 1st. For recognition on the T-shirt we need to hear by early April.


Our ride calendar is quite full. In addition to our usual weekly complement of twenty or so regular rides and bike shop rides, there are several upcoming Travel Team and Charity Team rides including Suwanee Sweetheart Ride, Honor Ride, Wrigley Ride, Susan G. Komen Ride for the Cure, Mt. Acosta Classic and Katie Ride for Life. Thanks to Jacy Crosby for taking over organization of the Charity Ride Team. Veronica Lane continues as Travel Team Captain with the assistance of Jonathan Tomassetti.


At its meeting in January, the Board approved a new category of Club ride, Multi-day event rides. The first of these rides is Cruising to the Keys, organized by Jim Ingham. These rides, put together by Club members, will be eligible for points and mileage. So, if you have a ride you’ve always wanted to do and can convince four other Club members to join you, get planning.


Please email me at with your thoughts.


Ride smart and ride safe.


Hoping to see you on the road,