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Performance Bike - Ultra Bibs - 1 New & 3 Used - 3...
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Clearing out my Gear Bag, these Bibs do not fit (too big) me anymore. I tried to return the New one with Tags but it's been longer than a year. My riding has been interrupted multiple times / years due to injuries / surgeries, so when I say used, they were lightly used as You will see in the Chamois photos. No stains or damage that I can see.
They are true to USA sizing....NOT euro
They can be ridden in all temps except maybe the most extreme summer weather - individual choice
So if You want to enter the Bib world at a low cost, need a Training Bib or another one to fill out your line-up or would like to give one as a Christmas's the opportunity

1) NEW Ultra 2015-'16 Design XL - Black with red/white accents - with Tags $119.99 - Price $60
2) Used (less than 10 times) Ultra 2015-16 Design XL - Black w/red/white accents - Price $40
3) Used (less than 6 times) Ultra 2015-16 Design XL - Black w/white accents w/o leg grippers - Price $40
4) Used (lots) Ultra 2008ish Design L - Black with silver accents - Price $20.....can be used in hottest weather.

Have some used gloves - pick a free pair with every Bib purchase

I live in East Arlington & we can arrange so You see / try on - we'll pick a convenient place to meet. 
Ask any question, I'll respond quickly
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