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Ritchey Wing Bar (44) & 2 Stems
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As you can tell by my other threads, I'm continuing to clear out bike stuff that I can no longer use / need.
Here's a couple more:
1) Ritchey Alloy 44cm wide Wing (small compared to current bars), 3 position Drop Handle Bar
I love this Bar not only because of the look, lightness & comfort but because it had 3 position Drops.
High curve, Flat angled center and Flat end which really helps on long rides & different ridding positions.
There are a couple of scratches (fell out of box while moving) but 95+% will be covered with the usual Bar wrap
Cost $40...........Price $15

2) Ritchey Alloy Stem - 31.8mm Bar Diameter - 100mm Length x 6/84 degree Rise
The stems are a casualty of Bike Fitting experiments years ago..........they suggested, I bought and they did not work. So rode a couple of times MOST. Like New Condition = original Box, bagged & in great shape as you can see in photo. Unfortunately, my current bike has a proprietary fork tube so no opportunity to use. I love the look of these stems.
Cost $70 .........price $35

3) Ritchey Alloy Stem - 31.8mm Bar Diameter - 110mm Length x 17/73 degree Rise
SAME exact story as above. The only difference is that this one has a Silver instead of Black Cap
Cost $70........price $35

I live in East Arlington, so easy to meet up. We can pick a bike shop or similar. If there are any question, ask away and I'll get back to you quickly.

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