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 North Florida Bicycle Club 2020

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Upcoming Events

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Tue, Mar 17 at 12:15 PM


Under Florida Governor DeSantis "Safer At Home" Florida lockdown and under the subsequent government Phase One regulations, social gatherings in Florida were limited to 10 people. The North Florida Bicycle Club followed these regulations and suspended our club sponsored rides for the duration of the lockdown and the Phase One reopening.

It has been announced that Governor DeSantis will move Florida into Phase Two of the reopening on Friday June 5, 2020. 

Under Phase Two, the number of people allowed per social gathering will increase from the current 10 under Phase One to 50 in Phase Two. Social distancing should still be maintained, especially indoors or in other enclosed environments.  Also under Phase Two is it advised that vulnerable populations, those 65 and older as well as those with underlying conditions who are most at risk of contracting life-threatening cases of COVID-19 should remain at home as much as possible. When leaving the house, they should maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and others. They should also take care to avoid large crowds.


Under Phase Two regulations, the North Florida Bicycle Club will restart our club sponsored rides from Saturday June 6, 2020, however, we will continue social distancing at the start and finish of rides  and at rest stops along the routes.  Each rider will still be required to sign the ride sheet before each ride. Washing hands before signing in will be required and washing hands after signing in is recommended.

Enclosed indoor locations with poor ventilation are still hot spots for virus transmission.  Thus, riders should consider using masks inside convenience stores, shops and restrooms on NFBC rides. If a store requires masks for entry, NFBC riders must follow that regulation.   

Some club sponsored rides are followed by group meals at restaurants.  Under Phase Two, groups at restaurants are still limited to 10 or fewer people.

Each North Florida Bicycle Club ride requires a Ride Leader.  Some of the current club Ride Leaders are among the vulnerable population and may decide to refrain from joining club rides. The NFBC Ride Director and Ride Leaders will do their utmost to find substitutes but some rides may be cancelled until a ride leader can be found.  Weekly repeating rides that are cancelled will be posted in the ride cancellation section of the NFBC web site.  Please confirm the status of a ride before heading out to the start location.

This notice is being posted to NFBC members via an email blast, the NFBC web site, the NFBC Facebook page and other NFBC related outlets.  NFBC Ride Leaders should contact the club Ride Director and confirm that they can or cannot lead rides.  Members with questions about club-sponsored rides should contact the club Ride Director.  

NFBC sponsored rides are open to club members. If you have allowed your membership to lapse during the pandemic lockdown, please rejoin the club before showing up for a ride.

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