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I forgot my password

If you forget your login information, click on member login on the front page, located on top of the menu.  Cick Forgot My Username/Password and follow the instructions.


If you are still having an issue, click on the help link titled "Trouble logging in? Click here for assistance" directly below the forgot password link.


Still having a problem?  Please contact the Membership Dircetor.

How do I access and print my membership card?

Printing your card is easy!  Just follow the instructions in this document:  Access and Print your NFBC Membership Card.


Please note that all members in a family membership have accss to their own card and must log in seperatly and print it.  However, the primary member can access the membership card for the entire family, including child members by going to their profile and clicking additional members in your account.


If you have a problem or question, please contact the Membership Director.

I'm having trouble renewing my membership

The following document contains information on issues encountered with membership renewal - espically family memberships.  If you are still encountering problems, please contact the Membership Director before proceeding.


Please do not create a new membership record if you are currently a member or have been in the past.


Problems Encountered When Renewing Your NFBC Membership

I used to be a member and my membership expired. I don't remember my user name and password.

If your membership has expired and you don't remember your logon information, please do one of the following:


Click on member login and follow the link for forgot your password.  If we have your current email address on file, you will be sent a password reminder that will allow you to log on and renew.


If you don't receive an email, contact the membership director.  Please specify the email address to be used.  Your profile, if found will be updated with your new email address and your password will be reset manually.


If you try and renew as a new member and we have an expired membership record for you, you will be directed to contact the membership director for assistance.


If you are still not receiving email for the club, be sure to check your spam folders.

I signed up as a Family membership, but I can't see how to add my family members to the membership.

Log on to the site and then click on Profile.
Then under Personal Info, click on Additional Members in Your Account.


Use the Add link to add a secondary and/or child member.


Update all required informaion.


Click Save to save this new member. After clicking Save when a secondary member is added, the system will show you the username and password assigned to that member. Write this information down and give it to the secondary member.  When the secondary memberlogs in, he or she can change this information by going to the Profile screen.


Child members are not assigned a user name and password.

I clicked Remember me on this computer on the logon screen, and now no one else can log in.

To undo the saving of a password members can login click Profile, and under Website, select username and password.


Uncheck the remember me option, type your current password twice as a security precaution, click the save  button and then logout.

I am a member. Why am I not receiving an email with a link to the monthly newsletter?

You have most likely unsubscribed from receiving club email sent to Active members, either by unchecking the box in your profile page or clicking on the unsubscribe link in a club email sent to you.  You can opt back in by clicking on the check box in your profile contact information. 


You can also find the currrent membership edition of the newsletter by logging in and selecting Documents/Maps on the menu.

I can't logon to the website. My old user name and password wont work.
Your old password and logon ID will not work on the new website.  If you were an active member at the time the new website went live, you should have received an email with your new logon information.  If you don't have this information, contact the Membership Director, who will send you a password reset.
I am a member, but I cannot post or comment in the Forum - there are no links to do this.
In order to post in any of the forums, you must first join the forum(s) you would like to participate in.  To do so, log on to the site, click on Profile.  Near the bottom, you will see a section titled Forum. 
Click on Forum Memberships to select which forums you would like to join.
Click on forum General Preferences to set up your forum preferences including signature, image, etc. 
I unsubscribed from email, but I'm still getting email

When you unsubscribed, you should have seen a notice similar to the following:


"Uncheck this box to stop receiving general information emails from your club. Note that this setting does not affect discussion forum emails, or system generated emails such as renewal notices and transaction confirmation messages. "


If you subscribed to Forum email, you will need to unsubscribe from that as wellvia the Forum Memberships link in your profile.  You cannot unsubscribe from system generated email such as membership expiration notices, unless you decide to have your membership dropped.

How do I sign up to receive Last Minute Ride Change Notifications?

To join the Last Minute Ride Change Notification Forum:
• Log on to the web site and click Profile.

• Under Personal Info, Click on Contact Info. At the bottom, under Other Contacts, ensure that your email address is correct.
Click save if changes were made, or cancel if none were made.
• Under Forums, click on Forum General Preferences.
Under Message Delivery, ensure that there is a check mark beside Send Email.
Click save if changes were made, or cancel, if none were made.
• Under Forums, click on Forum Memberships.
Click on Join on the Last Minute Ride Schedule Changes line.
Message Delivery should switch to Send Immediate Emails and it will list your email address.
Please note:  This Forum will not be used for social chatter about rides which will remain on Facebook, sriders group on Yahoo, etc.
How do I request a new ride to be added to the ride schedule?
If you would like to create a new ride, please do the following:
Read and understand the document New ride approval criteria.
Fill out the New ride request form and email it to 
Please email the ride Director with any questions you may have prior to your submission.
Someone mentioned that NFBC has bike luggage for rent. Where can I get more information?
NFBC has a four (4) rigid bike cases available for rent for $25 per week each. ($15 for club members with a current NFBC card with them at the time of rental) plus deposit. They are kept and managed at two area bike shops.  For more information, contact: 

Phil Foreman at Champion Cycle (904) 262-5744


Charlie Fetzer at Lakeshore Schwinn (904) 388-0612


I want to opt out from all club emails except the newsletter

This is not possible.  Opting out of email means that you will not receive the monthly email with the link to the current membership only edition of Wheelspeak.  You may get the newsletter by logging in and clicking on the Documents/Maps link in the menu - you will find it under Member Newsletter.


The NFBC realizes that people don't want to be bombarded with constant fluffy or unnecessary email.  We value the ability to contact all our active members via email.  Normally, you may receive one to two emails weekly, and at times no emails.  At times you may receive more emails because of a system glitch or other temporary situation such as multiple notifications for our big event rides, the Tour de Forts and Endless Summer Watermelon Ride.  If you register for the ride, you will no longer get emails advertising it - just a reminder three days before the event date.


If you find yourself in this situation, please be patient and consider sending an inquiry via the Contact Us page.


If you want to opt out, simply follow the instructions found at the bottom of any email the club has sent to you.  This is faster than sending an email requesting that you be unsubscribed.


Note that you cannot unsubscribe from system generated email such as expiation notices,