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Bicycle Tool Kit


When you're out on your bike, the last thing you want is to have a breakdown without a way of getting home.  Here's a list of toolkit essentials to take with you on your rides.  To store your survival kit you can purchase a small saddle pouch that attaches under your seat.
A - Tire Pump
You won't be able to pump up your tire after a flat without this bad boy! Make sure the pump head fits the valves on your tubes.  Bike Tool Kit

B - Spare Tube

Before putting your spare tube into the tire (after a flat of course!), make sure there are no pieces of glass or metal sticking through the tire that will pop the new tube. To do this, inspect the tire, and run your fingers along the inside of the tire. Make sure the tube you carry in your kit is the correct size for your tires. 


C - Patch Kit

Bring along a small patch kit to use on those particularly bad days (Oh know! I forgot to replace my spare tube!). You can get small "glueless" patches that are light and easy to use.



D - Tire Levers

Unless you have arms and hands of steel, you'll need these nifty gadgets to pry the tire from the rim. Plastic levers are the lightest. You should have two or three. 


E - Allen Wrenches

Also known as hexagonal wrenches. Carry one for each hex bolt size on your bike (usually sizes 4, 5, and 6).



F - Small Adjustable Wrench

A 4 inch wrench will fit almost all the small nuts on your bike that may require mid-voyage adjustment.


G - Small Screwdriver

A 1/8 inch blade screwdriver is useful for making derailleur adjustments.



H - Spoke Wrench


Carry the size that fits your spoke nipples.


I - Small Pocket Knife

This will come in handy more often than you might think. 

J - Odds and Ends

Here's some other things that can really be a life saver.  A Presta-to-Schrader valve adapter (in case your pump breaks), a spare house key, spare change for a phone call or a snack, and an ID card.