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NFBC Statistics - Cycling Year 2019             



When signing the Ride Sheet, please PRINT (LEGIBLY) the FIRST and LAST name that you used when you initially registered with the NFBC.

Happy New Bike Club Years 

  Please note the mileage and points shown are for the 2019/2020 club year as of    
January 20,  @ 21:15

In Honor of the 54th LIV Super Bowl a surprise awaits you on our stats page.
For those of you who may have cut your Roman Number class,  Pat will be offering a decoder ring.
and may not match your records due to those not posted yet ride sheets
  If you Would like a detailed report of your statistics, email me

Century A Month Club

Membership is open all year long and will be calculated on a rolling year basis.

That is any 12 consecutive months will be recognized. 


Mileage Leaders

All Members - Miles   


DXCIII Chris Cayanas Limited
CDLXXXVIII Pat Welsh Limited
CDLXI Gary Weltman Limited
CCCLXVII Jim Ingham Limited
CCLXXXVI Michael Binder Limited
CLXXXII Adam Cox Limited
CLXXI Paul Hutchins Limited
CLXIII Lynne Neely Limited
CLXIII Michael Neely Limited
CXLVII Charles Presley Limited
CXXXI Anthony 'Vinnie' Dziergowski Limited
XCVII Charles Walton Limited
XLVII Tracy Charles Limited


MMDXCI Danny Hunt Everyday
MDCCCXII Joseph Pitchko Everyday
MDCII Peter Bock Everyday
MCDXXVII John Fountain Everyday
MCCCXXXIV Greg Babich Everyday
MCCLXXXVIII John Gambardella Everyday
MCCXXII John Ginn Everyday
MCXXXV Susan Taylor Everyday
MLXIX Donald Eipert Everyday
MLXI Brian Stokes Everyday
MXLVII Allen Gould Everyday
MXXXIV Michael Spino Everyday
CMLXIII Susan Wallace Everyday
CMLX Grear Kimmel Everyday
CMXXVII Linda Malloy Everyday
CMXXIV Kathleen Falk Everyday
CMXIV Julius Grant Sr Everyday
DCCCLXXXVIII Richard Wilcox Everyday
DCCCLXXIII Denise Dailey Everyday
DCCCLXIII Hugh Giggy Everyday
DCCCLXII John Pretzell Everyday
DCCCLVI Steven Josephs Everyday
DCCCLV Charley Sacher Everyday
DCCCLIV William Hutchinson Everyday
DCCCXLV Phillip Bowen Everyday
DCCCXLII Jim Halle Everyday
DCCCXXXIV Bob Lucas Everyday
DCCCXX David Kelley Everyday
DCCXC Larry Elswick Everyday
DCCLXXX Robert Bream Everyday
DCCLXIII Steve Sargent Everyday
DCCXL Harry Davis Everyday
DCCXXVI Todd Hastie Everyday
DCCV Harry ter Mors Everyday
DCCII Dave Kirby Everyday
DCXCVI Linda Kimmel Everyday
DCLXXXVII Glenn Frindt Everyday
DCLXXIX Robert Fortney Everyday
DCLXXIV Gus Reinwald Everyday
DCLXVII David Briggs Everyday
DCLXVI John Sauer Everyday
DCLX George Katras Everyday
DCLIX Ann Duncan Everyday
DCLVIII Dan Lehmann Everyday
DCLVI Patrick Rhue Everyday
DCLIII Lisa Elwell Everyday
DCLII Ken Blackett Everyday
DCXLVIII Ken Wilson Everyday
DCXXXIV Donna Gordon Everyday
DCXIX Greg Henderson Everyday
DCXVIII Cheryl Richardson Everyday
DCXIII Barbara Handman Everyday
DCXII William Birtley Everyday
DLXXXII James Hedges Everyday
DLXXXI Jonathan Tomassetti Everyday
DLXXVII Danny Hayes Everyday
DLIV Kevin Jones Everyday
DXLVI Donna Prestia Everyday
DXLIII Patrick Hale Everyday
DXXXVIII Mark Sekelsky Everyday
DXXXVI Ed Williams Everyday
DXXXII Edmund Stanton Everyday
DXXX Steven Pickett Everyday
DXXX Patty Riley Everyday
DXXVIII Mike Pikula Everyday
DXXVII Harold Kimelberg Everyday
DXXI Wallace McRoy Everyday
DXV Patrick Burke Everyday
DXIII John Gilman Everyday
D Martha Radovic Everyday
CDXCVII William Bokram Everyday
CDLXXXVI Robert Lewis Everyday
CDLXVIII Charles Snavely Everyday
CDLXVI Gretchen Miller Everyday
CDLVIII Patrick Graham Everyday
CDLVII Jack Spanner Everyday
CDLVII James Rountree Everyday
CDXLVI Clyde Riggs Everyday
CDXLIII Patricia Pitchko Everyday
CDXXXIX Rickey Givens Everyday
CDXXXII John Larue Everyday
CDXXXI Don Bidleman Everyday
CDXXVI Lester Banks Everyday
CDXXIV Jeffery Couch Everyday
CDXXII Al Dreher Everyday
CDXXII Paul Callahan Everyday
CDXXI Ronald Sanchez Everyday
CDXX Carl McDonald Everyday
CDXX Sallie McDonald Everyday
CDIX Deborah Pierce Everyday
CDII Mark Atkins Everyday
CCCXCIII Anthony Koziol Everyday
CCCXCIII Don Taylor Everyday
CCCLXXXVII Lloyd Williams Everyday
CCCLXXXV Joseph Cona Everyday
CCCLXXIX Mario Quiroga Everyday
CCCLXXI Terry Takken Everyday
CCCLXIX Michael Regan Everyday
CCCLVI Lou Marinacci Everyday
CCCLII Sean Haymes-Maree Everyday
CCCXLIX Frances Siver Everyday
CCCXLVII Michael Layland Everyday
CCCXLII Jennifer Rogers Everyday
CCCXLII Tim Rogers Everyday
CCCXLI John Pelham Everyday
CCCXL Sarah Knowles Everyday
CCCXXIV Lauri Barnhill Everyday
CCCXXII Robert Kroezen Everyday
CCCXVII Brian Benwick Everyday
CCCXV Joseph Wolke Everyday
CCCXIII Jairo Sabogal Everyday
CCCXIII Jane Vasileff Everyday
CCCXI Rob Davis Everyday
CCCIX Michael McNamara Everyday
CCCV Rosemary Clark Everyday
CCCIII Michael Gaby Everyday
CCXCVIII Gerard Melius Everyday
CCXC Frank Benedetto Everyday
CCLXXXVIII Robert Barnhill Everyday
CCLXXXVII Scott Russell Everyday
CCLXXXII Jeffrey Campbell Everyday
CCLXXX Len Burroughs Everyday
CCLXXIX Gordon Linn Everyday
CCLXXIX Jim Buckner Everyday
CCLXXVI Bernard Elliott Everyday
CCLXXVI Jerry Potts Everyday
CCLXXII David Banks Everyday
CCLXV Stephen Kimmel Everyday
CCLX Hartley McClean Everyday
CCLX John Crocker Everyday
CCLVI Larry Crane Everyday
CCLI Kevin Ott Everyday
CCXLVIII Roberto Guardia Everyday
CCXLV Doug Roselle Everyday
CCXLIV Carl Pettijohn Everyday
CCXLII Ted Ingraham Everyday
CCXXXVII Mitzy Beck Everyday
CCXXXV Robert Dowling Everyday
CCXXXII John McGarry Everyday
CCXXII Guy Anderson Everyday
CCXIX Grant Willcott Everyday
CCXVIII Mark Huelsbeck Everyday
CCXVII Craig Rogers Everyday
CCXVI James Reamer Everyday
CCX Antonio Bravo Everyday
CC Jacy Crosby Everyday
CC Jack Houghton Everyday
CXCV Meredith Munsey Everyday
CXCIII Arun Tahiliani Everyday
CXCII Bert Shaw Everyday
CXCI Valerie Gambino Everyday
CXC Charlie Bostwick Everyday
CLXXXIX Chris Albano Everyday
CLXXXV John Wilson Everyday
CLXXXV Robert Wells Everyday
CLXXXIII David Clark Everyday
CLXXXIII Donald Martin Everyday
CLXXXII Donna Fielding Everyday
CLXXX Carol Goddard Everyday
CLXXX Patti McRoy Everyday
CLXXVII Laurie Gambino Everyday
CLXXVI Tom Herlihy Everyday
CLXXVI Tom Page Everyday
CLXXV Carroll Sharp Everyday
CLXXV Michele Yasson Everyday
CLXXIII Jennifer Cayanas Everyday
CLXXIII Patrick Wagoner Everyday
CLXXII Ronald Langdon Everyday
CLXIX John Collins Everyday
CLXVIII Robert Hathcox Everyday
CLIX Joseph Pratt Everyday
CLVIII Alvin White Iii Everyday
CLVIII Jerry Yarborough Everyday
CLVII Eugene Kerr Everyday
CLII Jeanne Hargrave Everyday
CLII Vera Bauer Everyday
CLI Adam Pappas Everyday
CL Bruce Palmer Everyday
CL John Bywater Everyday
CL Wayne Officer Everyday
CXLIX Michael Diamond Everyday
CXLVII Richard Kramer Everyday
CXLV David Bennett Everyday
CXLIII Michael Suan Everyday
CXLI John Combs Everyday
CXLI John Silvester Everyday
CXL Bill Pepitone Everyday
CXL Joseph Arands Everyday
CXL Mark Hickson Everyday
CXXXIX Christopher Peeler Everyday
CXXXVII David Tetreault Everyday
CXXXVI Andrew Bell Everyday
CXXXVI Arnold Betancourt Everyday
CXXXV George Willis Everyday
CXXXV Ron Lake Everyday
CXXXIV David Castle Everyday
CXXXIII Craig Greenhill Everyday
CXXXIII Jay Bradbury Everyday
CXXXIII Mary Greenhill Everyday
CXXVI Patricia Kiebler Everyday
CXXII Brian Reyes Everyday
CXXI Sue Briers Everyday
CXX Jason Wilkes Everyday
CXVII Daniel Smith Everyday
CXV Darrell Ballinger Everyday
CXIV Robert Reily Everyday
CXII Ken Strickland Everyday
CXI Fred Stellar Everyday
CIX Bruno Silva Everyday
CVIII Brent Jett Everyday
CVIII Eddy Rayford Everyday
CVI Ron Adams Everyday
CVI Jason Carver Everyday
CV Virginia Deroy Everyday
CIV Michael Schoenfeld Everyday
CIV Robert Metcalf Everyday
CII Sergio Andersen Everyday
CI Sonya Adkins Everyday
C Ali Myles Everyday
C Lorie Langdon Everyday
C Raul Spindola Everyday
XCVI Connie Cooper Everyday
XCVI Jim Maudlin Everyday
XCV Sarah Cox Everyday
XCIV Alfonso Navarro Fajardo Everyday
XCIV Jeremy Maurice Everyday
XCIII Wayne Williams Everyday
XCI Wayne McLellan Everyday
XCI Steven Williams Everyday
XC Tammi Anthony Everyday
LXXXVIII Bernard Feigenbaum Everyday
LXXXV Arthur Edmonds Everyday
LXXXIV Tracy Kaetzel Everyday
LXXXIII Camilo Martinez Everyday
LXXXI Cindy Stellar Everyday
LXXXI Ronald Tusa Everyday
LXXVI Don Klima Everyday
LXXVI Steven Davies Everyday
LXXV William Gonzalez Everyday
LXXIV Nick Navarro Everyday
LXXIII John Ginty Everyday
LXXII Ronald Eash Everyday
LXXI Jerry Dryden Everyday
LXXI Nick Tallyn Everyday
LXX Christopher Hickson Everyday
LXX Maury Keiser Everyday
LXX Robert Dyer Everyday
LXX Richard Tasker Everyday
LXIX Scott Fricks Everyday
LXVIII Steven Reynolds Everyday
LXVIII Thomas Chynoweth Everyday
LXVI Cheryl Adams Everyday
LXVI Jay Hamm Everyday
LXVI William Campbell Everyday
LXVI Yassert Gonzalez Everyday
LXV Cyndee Hickson Everyday
LXV Jorge Ruiz Everyday
LXV Lana Tomassetti Everyday
LXV Michael Magnet Everyday
LXV Oleg Fortun Everyday
LXV Roger Oliver Everyday
LXV Staci Fortun Everyday
LXI Margaret Williams Everyday
LX Nan Kane Everyday
LVII John Childress Everyday
LVI Jim Escobar Everyday
LVI Meredith Webb Everyday
LV Andrew Cabb Everyday
LV Andrew Clark Everyday
LV Alexander Miranda Everyday
LV Mark Eldredge Everyday
LV Paul Stevenson Everyday
LV Richard Oblak Everyday
LIV Jon Kaetzel Everyday
LIV Kelvin Bray Everyday
LIV Stephanie Scarborough Everyday
LIV Tom Mettam Everyday
LIII Jason Nieman Everyday
LIII Jennifer Schoening Everyday
LIII Larry Imperiale Everyday
LIII Robert Jolley Everyday
LIII Samuel Parsons Everyday
LIII Charles Duke Everyday
LII Don Leonard Everyday
L Bo Wulbern Everyday
L Doug Knowles Everyday
L Laura Flynn Everyday
L Donald Haddox Everyday
XLIX David Garrett Everyday
XLVIII Bobby Cook Everyday
XLVII John Perry Everyday
XLVII Steve Perry Everyday
XLVII Tom Everett Everyday
XLVII Bill Weber Everyday
XLV Matthew Spohrer Everyday
XLIV Dennis Canlas Everyday
XLIV Ferdinand Gapasin Everyday
XLIV Aaron Levine Everyday
XLII Bob Randle Everyday
XLII Kevin Mouyard Everyday
XLII Paul Stevenson Everyday
XLII Sergio Arellano Everyday
XLI Jean Deschenes Everyday
XLI John Grady Everyday
XLI Alma Pyne Everyday
XLI Tom Cheyne Everyday
XL Aires Botas Everyday
XL Bettie Briggs Everyday
XL Cody Harris Everyday
XL Jack Tomassetti Everyday
XL Sally Hutchinson Everyday
XXXVIII Ronald Kolar Everyday
XXXVII Carol Lemos Everyday
XXXVII David Paris Everyday
XXXVII James Cochran Everyday
XXXVII Lucy Buckner Everyday
XXXVI Robert Pitman Everyday
XXXVI Richard Toupin Everyday
XXXV Albert Eiland Everyday
XXXV Maria Pulido Everyday
XXXV Stan Sanford Everyday
XXXV Thomas Ennis Everyday
XXXIV Casey Forte Everyday
XXXIV Kenneth Garrido Everyday
XXXIV Linda Duckworth Everyday
XXXIII Dena Stolp Everyday
XXXIII Hobie Luebker Everyday
XXXIII Michael Slavin Everyday
XXXIII Michael Fields Everyday
XXXII Brian O'Rourke Everyday
XXXII Jeffrey Arredondo Everyday
XXXII David Thatcher Everyday
XXXII Kevin Pryor Everyday
XXXII Willard Rice, Jr Everyday
XXX Barbara Johnson-Phelan Everyday
XXX Carol Goddard Everyday
XXX Carlos Irene Everyday
XXX Carol Kerr Everyday
XXX Dan Phelan Everyday
XXX Dennis Smigelsky Everyday
XXX Elizabeth Wilson Everyday
XXX Frank Wood Everyday
XXX Karen Reily Everyday
XXX Martha Irene Everyday
XXX Robert Nagy Everyday
XXX Charles 'Bart' Smith Everyday
XXX Thomas Dunlap Everyday
XXX Vickie Nagy Everyday
XXX Walt McCreary Everyday
XXIX Bob Stewart Everyday
XXIX Pedro Carrero Everyday
XXVII Jason Reily Everyday
XXVII Steve Coad Everyday
XXV Corinne Wiedel Everyday
XXV Harvey Baltz Everyday
XXV Kathryn Smolen Everyday
XXIV Juan Alcazar Everyday
XXII Robert Larys Everyday
XXII Pamela Watson Everyday
XX Jo Ann Adams Everyday
XX Jeanne Peterson Everyday
XX Lori Cona Everyday
XX Laurel Long Everyday
XX Dave Peterson Everyday
XX Miriam Gallet Everyday
XX Pam Leonard Everyday
XX Bob Cowing Everyday
XX Glenn Wilkinson Everyday
XVIII Barb Amergian Everyday
XVIII Cynthia Williams Everyday
XVIII David Giblin Everyday
XVIII Patty Stephens Everyday
XVIII Terry Riley Everyday
XVIII Ronda Bokram Everyday
XVIII Richard Polk Everyday
XVIII Sally Ginn Everyday
CCXIII Dan Groth
XCI Eriks Graybiel
XLVIII Marc Bishop
XXXVI Chris Smith
XXX Fran Kienle
XXVIII Nate Aron
XXV Rachel Sedlmayer
XVIII Karen Klima

Points Leaders

All Members -Points

125 Patrick Hale Everyday
115 Jacy Crosby Everyday
96 Joseph Pitchko Everyday
95 Donald Eipert Everyday
82 Len Burroughs Everyday
81 Chris Cayanas
81 Clyde Riggs Everyday
80 Denise Dailey Everyday
76 Peter Bock Everyday
74 Danny Hayes Everyday
72 Joseph Cona Everyday
71 Bert Shaw Everyday
70 Glenn Frindt Everyday
68 Robert Fortney Everyday
67 Wallace McRoy Everyday
62 Bob Stoltz Everyday
60 Michael Spino Everyday
58 Brian Reyes Everyday
53 Larry Elswick Everyday
53 Scott Russell Everyday
53 Susan Wallace Everyday
52 Dan Lehmann Everyday
51 Ann Duncan Everyday
51 John Gambardella Everyday
50 Grear Kimmel Everyday
50 Mark Atkins Everyday
50 Susan Taylor Everyday
48 Brian Benwick Everyday
48 Julius Grant Sr Everyday
47 Danny Hunt Everyday
47 Valerie Gambino Everyday
44 John Fountain Everyday
42 Kevin Jones Everyday
42 Lloyd Williams Everyday
41 Kathleen Falk Everyday
41 Mike Pikula Everyday
40 Paul Sluder Everyday
40 Shelly Nobles Everyday
39 Lisa Elwell Everyday
38 Charles Snavely Everyday
38 Robert Lewis Everyday
36 James Rountree Everyday
36 John Ginn Everyday
36 Linda Kimmel Everyday
36 Linda Malloy Everyday
36 Patti McRoy Everyday
35 Richard Wilcox Everyday
33 Al Dreher Everyday
30 John Crocker Everyday
27 Greg Babich Everyday
27 Gus Reinwald Everyday
25 Jonathan Tomassetti Everyday
25 Yassert Gonzalez Everyday
24 Allen Gould Everyday
23 Bob Lucas Everyday
23 Deborah Pierce Everyday
23 Jim Ingham Limited
23 Steve Sargent Everyday
22 Harry Davis Everyday
22 John Pretzell Everyday
22 Steven Josephs Everyday
21 Brian Stokes Everyday
21 Jim Halle Everyday
21 Phillip Bowen Everyday
20 Hugh Giggy Everyday
20 Jack Houghton Everyday
19 William Bokram Everyday
18 Craig Greenhill Everyday
18 Don Bidleman Everyday
18 George Katras Everyday
18 Stephen Kimmel Everyday
18 William Hutchinson Everyday
17 David Kelley Everyday
17 Donna Prestia Everyday
17 Ken Wilson Everyday
17 Mark Sekelsky Everyday
16 Cheryl Richardson Everyday
16 David Briggs Everyday
16 John Sauer Everyday
15 John Gilman Everyday
15 Ken Blackett Everyday
15 Patrick Graham
14 Charley Sacher Everyday
14 Donna Gordon Everyday
14 Gary Weltman
14 Greg Henderson Everyday
14 Robert Bream Everyday
13 Dave Kirby Everyday
13 Gordon Linn Everyday
13 Harold Kimelberg Everyday
13 Jack Spanner Everyday
13 John Pelham Everyday
13 Lou Marinacci Everyday
13 Terry Takken Everyday
13 Todd Hastie Everyday
13 William Birtley Everyday
12 Alvin White Iii Everyday
12 Harry ter Mors Everyday
12 Jim Maudlin Everyday
12 Patricia Pitchko Everyday
12 Patty Riley Everyday
11 Carroll Sharp Everyday
11 Edmund Stanton Everyday
11 James Hedges Everyday
11 Martha Radovic Everyday
11 Roberto Guardia Everyday
11 Tim Rogers Everyday
11 Tracy Kaetzel Everyday
10 Carl McDonald Everyday
10 Jon Kaetzel Everyday
10 Mark Huelsbeck Everyday
10 Mary Greenhill Everyday
10 Sallie McDonald Everyday
9 Anthony Koziol Everyday
9 Ed Williams Everyday
9 Gretchen Miller Everyday
9 Guy Anderson Everyday
9 Jane Vasileff Everyday
9 Jeanne Hargrave Everyday
9 Jeffrey Campbell Everyday
9 Michael Layland Everyday
9 Michael McNamara Everyday
9 Pat Welsh Limited
9 Patrick Burke Everyday
9 Patrick Rhue Everyday
9 Steven Pickett Everyday
8 Barbara Handman Everyday
8 David Banks Everyday
8 Don Taylor Everyday
8 Frances Siver Everyday
8 Fred Stellar Everyday
8 John Larue Everyday
8 Kevin Ott Everyday
8 Lauri Barnhill Everyday
8 Lester Banks Everyday
8 Linda Duckworth Everyday
8 Paul Callahan Everyday
8 Ronald Sanchez Everyday
8 Virginia Deroy Everyday
7 Adam Pappas Everyday
7 Antonio Bravo Everyday
7 Bernard Elliott Everyday
7 Carl Pettijohn Everyday
7 Cindy Stellar Everyday
7 Craig Rogers Everyday
7 Eugene Kerr Everyday
7 Hartley McClean Everyday
7 James Reamer Everyday
7 Jeffery Couch Everyday
7 Jennifer Rogers Everyday
7 Mario Quiroga Everyday
7 Michael Binder Limited
7 Patricia Kiebler Everyday
7 Rickey Givens Everyday
7 Robert Barnhill Everyday
7 Rosemary Clark Everyday
7 Sean Haymes-Maree Everyday
6 Arun Tahiliani Everyday
6 Carol Goddard Everyday
6 Charles Presley Limited
6 Dan Groth
6 Doug Roselle Everyday
6 Frank Benedetto Everyday
6 Grant Willcott Everyday
6 Jairo Sabogal Everyday
6 Jerry Potts Everyday
6 Jim Buckner Everyday
6 John McGarry Everyday
6 Joseph Wolke Everyday
6 Larry Crane Everyday
6 Laurie Gambino Everyday
6 Lori Cona Everyday
6 Michael Regan Everyday
6 Mitzy Beck Everyday
6 Rob Davis Everyday
6 Robert Kroezen Everyday
6 Wayne Officer Everyday
5 Bruce Palmer Everyday
5 Charlie Bostwick Everyday
5 Chris Smith
5 David Giblin Everyday
5 Gerard Melius Everyday
5 Jay Bradbury Everyday
5 Jerry Yarborough Everyday
5 John Bywater Everyday
5 John Collins Everyday
5 Meredith Munsey Everyday
5 Michael Gaby Everyday
5 Patrick Wagoner Everyday
5 Robert Dowling Everyday
5 Robert Wells Everyday
5 Sarah Knowles Everyday
5 Tom Page Everyday
4 Andrew Bell Everyday
4 Andrew Clark Everyday
4 Chris Albano Everyday
4 Daniel Smith Everyday
4 David Clark Everyday
4 David Tetreault Everyday
4 Donald Martin Everyday
4 George Willis Everyday
4 Jason Wilkes Everyday
4 John Wilson Everyday
4 Laura Flynn Everyday
4 Lynne Neely Limited
4 Michael Diamond Everyday
4 Michael Neely Limited
4 Michele Yasson
4 Richard Kramer Everyday
4 Richard Toupin Everyday
4 Ron Lake Everyday
4 Ronald Eash Everyday
4 Tom Herlihy Everyday
3 Anthony 'Vinnie' Dziergowski Limited
3 Arthur Edmonds Everyday
3 Bernard Feigenbaum Everyday
3 Brent Jett Everyday
3 Christopher Peeler Everyday
3 Darrell Ballinger Everyday
3 Don Klima Everyday
3 Donna Fielding Everyday
3 Eddy Rayford Everyday
3 Eriks Graybiel
3 Jennifer Cayanas Everyday
3 John Silvester Everyday
3 Ken Strickland Everyday
3 Maury Keiser Everyday
3 Michael Suan Everyday
3 Paul Hutchins Limited
3 Raul Spindola Everyday
3 Richard Tasker Everyday
3 Robert Hathcox Everyday
3 Robert Reily Everyday
3 Ronald Kolar Everyday
3 Ronald Langdon Everyday
3 Ronald Tusa Everyday
3 Sonya Adkins Everyday
3 Sue Briers Everyday
3 Tammi Anthony Everyday
3 Ted Ingraham Everyday
3 Wayne Williams Everyday
3 William Gonzalez Everyday
2 Adam Cox Limited
2 Alfonso Navarro Fajardo Everyday
2 Ali Myles Everyday
2 Arnold Betancourt Everyday
2 Bill Pepitone Everyday
2 Bobby Cook Everyday
2 Bruno Silva Everyday
2 Camilo Martinez Everyday
2 Cheryl Adams Everyday
2 Connie Cooper Everyday
2 David Bennett Everyday
2 Donald Haddox Everyday
2 James Carden Everyday
2 James Carden Everyday
2 Jeff Hohlstein Everyday
2 Jennifer Schoening Everyday
2 Jerry Dryden Everyday
2 Jodi Hohlstein Everyday
2 John Combs Everyday
2 John Ginty Everyday
2 Joseph Arands Everyday
2 Joseph Pratt
2 Kelvin Bray Everyday
2 Lana Tomassetti Everyday
2 Marc Bishop
2 Margaret Williams Everyday
2 Mark Hickson Everyday
2 Michael Schoenfeld Everyday
2 Nan Kane Everyday
2 Nick Navarro Everyday
2 Nick Tallyn Everyday
2 Oleg Fortun Everyday
2 Phyllis Keiser Everyday
2 Robert Dyer Everyday
2 Robert Knox Jr Everyday
2 Robert Metcalf Everyday
2 Robert Pitman Everyday
2 Roger Oliver Everyday
2 Ron Adams Everyday
2 Sally Hutchinson Everyday
2 Sarah Cox Everyday
2 Sergio Andersen Everyday
2 Staci Fortun Everyday
2 Steven Davies Everyday
2 Steven Williams Everyday
2 Thomas Chynoweth Everyday
2 Vera Bauer Everyday
2 Wayne McLellan Everyday
2 William Campbell Everyday
1 Carol Kerr Everyday
1 Aaron Levine
1 Aires Botas Everyday
1 Albert Eiland Everyday
1 Alexander Miranda Everyday
1 Alma Pyne Everyday
1 Andrew Cabb Everyday
1 Barb Amergian
1 Barbara Johnson-Phelan Everyday
1 Bettie Briggs
1 Bill Weber Everyday
1 Bo Wulbern Everyday
1 Bob Cowing Everyday
1 Bob Stewart Everyday
1 Carlos Irene Everyday
1 Carol Goddard Everyday
1 Casey Forte Everyday
1 Charles 'Bart' Smith Everyday
1 Charles Duke Everyday
1 Charles Walton Limited
1 Christopher Hickson Everyday
1 Cody Harris Everyday
1 Corinne Wiedel Everyday
1 Cyndee Hickson Everyday
1 Cynthia Williams Everyday
1 Dan Phelan Everyday
1 Dave Peterson Everyday
1 David Castle Everyday
1 David Garrett Everyday
1 David Paris Everyday
1 David Thatcher Everyday
1 Dena Stolp Everyday
1 Dennis Canlas Everyday
1 Don Leonard Everyday
1 Doug Knowles Everyday
1 Elizabeth Wilson Everyday
1 Ferdinand Gapasin Everyday
1 Frank Wood Everyday
1 Glenn Wilkinson Everyday
1 Harvey Baltz Everyday
1 Hobie Luebker Everyday
1 Jack Tomassetti Everyday
1 James Cochran Everyday
1 Jason Carver Everyday
1 Jason Nieman Everyday
1 Jason Reily Everyday
1 Jean Deschenes Everyday
1 Jeanne Peterson Everyday
1 Jeffrey Arredondo Everyday
1 Jeremy Maurice Everyday
1 Jim Escobar Everyday
1 Jo Ann Adams Everyday
1 John Childress Everyday
1 John Perry Everyday
1 Jorge Ruiz
1 Juan Alcazar Everyday
1 Karen Klima
1 Karen Reily Everyday
1 Kathryn Smolen Everyday
1 Kenneth Garrido Everyday
1 Kevin Mouyard Everyday
1 Kevin Pryor Everyday
1 Larry Imperiale Everyday
1 Laurel Long Everyday
1 Lorie Langdon Everyday
1 Lucy Buckner Everyday
1 Maria Pulido Everyday
1 Mark Eldredge Everyday
1 Martha Irene Everyday
1 Matthew Spohrer Everyday
1 Meredith Webb Everyday
1 Michael Fields Everyday
1 Michael Magnet
1 Michael Slavin Everyday
1 Miriam Gallet Everyday
1 Pam Leonard Everyday
1 Pamela Watson Everyday
1 Patty Stephens Everyday
1 Paul Stevenson Everyday
1 Paul Stevenson Everyday
1 Pedro Carrero Everyday
1 Richard Oblak Everyday
1 Richard Polk Everyday
1 Robert Jolley Everyday
1 Robert Larys Everyday
1 Robert Nagy Everyday
1 Ronda Bokram Everyday
1 Sally Ginn
1 Samuel Parsons Everyday
1 Sergio Arellano Everyday
1 Stan Sanford Everyday
1 Steve Coad Everyday
1 Steve Perry Everyday
1 Terry Riley Everyday
1 Thomas Dunlap Everyday
1 Thomas Ennis Everyday
1 Tom Cheyne Everyday
1 Tom Everett Everyday
1 Tracy Charles Limited
1 Vickie Nagy Everyday
1 Walt McCreary Everyday
1 Willard Rice, Jr Everyday
Current Year Summary

Ride Year 2019 - 2020


Total Events Held


Total Attendance 2787
Total Miles Ridden


 Total Points Earned  


Number of Members Attending at Least One Event


Century A Month Club

Century A Month recognition will be awarded for 12 consecutive
months of centuries.

The following members have ridden centuries in consecutive
months since the date listed.

Jonathan Tomassetti - Nov 2011  
Mark Atkins - Nov 2013  
Greg Babich - Jan 2019 
Richard Oblak - Nov 2018
Joe Pitchko - Nov 2018
Mark Huelsbeck -Jan 2019


Century Riders

11/1/19 -11/31/19

Jonathan Tomassetti 3
Richard Obiak 3
Mark Atkins 1
Greg Babich 3
Joe Cona 1
Donna Fielding 1
Robert Fortney 1
John Fountain 1
Barbara Handman 1
Mark Huelsbeck 2 
Danny Hunt 1
Gretchen Miller 1
Steve Pickett 1
Joseph Pitchko 3
Mario Quiroga 1
Patrick Rhue 1
John Silvester 1
Edmund Stanton 1
John Sauer 1

Total   28