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Last Minute Ride Schedule Changes

TERMINATION Of Sunday Social Rides for the 2018 Ri...
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Greetings Sunday Social Riders!!!
I received an email from Len Burroughs. The subject was "Terminating The Sunday Social Rides This Season". FYI, Len Burroughs is a Board Member with the North Florida Bike Club and Len is also the driving force behind the creation of the NFBC Sunday Social Rides. I was riding "non-club" rides on some Sundays when Len had a great idea to turn this into a repeating ride starting in October and going towards the end of May. I was hesitant at first, but this has turned into a fairly fun part of the year for me as I get to ride more and socialize more!!

Len felt that it was time to suspend the 2 pm rides for this season, Oct 2017 - May 2018, due to the heat and humidity increasing and the possibility of more afternoon thunder storms. I was looking forward to the last two rides of this Sunday Social Season but understand that, as a NFBC Board-member, Len is looking out for the best interests of the members of the club and some of the new riders coming to us. I had some recent interest with new riders to our Sunday "S" ride so, IF you haven't made a ride with us on a Sunday there are still Social rides that happen just about every day of the week. Please come out join us for one of the rides during the week. The Saturday rides are just 10 miles more and I promise we will stay with any new riders that show up on a Saturday.

I have asked Len Burroughs to post the "Termination Of The Sunday Social Rides" on the NFBC Website in the Forums section and also on the Yahoo Groups S-Riders page. I was looking forward to St. Augustine as the last ride but I am making a promise that we will find two good times to ride in St. Augustine this next season and we will make this happen!!!

SALES.......On a side note, IF you need NFBC water bottles, socks or are looking at an in-expensive jersey I have these available for you. I am taking over from Brian Reyes as the new Merchandise/Sales Manager while Brian HAS moved into the Vice President Role for the North Florida Bike Club. I also have the "Fit Kits" in case you are thinking about ordering a NFBC Club jersey or kit. I look forward to more rides this year and the Memorial Day ride out to the Jacksonville National Cemetery is getting closer as I write this. Take care and BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!
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