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President’s Message


August 2020

This sort of feels like déjà vu, earlier this year I came to you and told you we wouldn’t be having an April Tour de Forts Classic. Well now its August and we still don’t have permits or Police support. The easy thing to do would be to just write off 2020 and not have any event, however we’ve decided that we should try to still have an event. We have decided to go virtual! What does virtual mean you’re asking yourself. Well I’m glad you asked. In the case of the 2020 Tour de Forts Classic it means for a reduced registration fee you can ride any time, any place and any route. I really hope everyone still comes out to support the Club and Pedaling for Safety Campaign. By the time you are reading this registration will be live at Please go there to learn more about the event. This year we’ll be awarding Finisher Medals, Completion Certifications and you can even track your mileage with the built in Run Keeper app. The app is free and has a direct connection to Garmin Connect.

  A lot of hard work has gone into preparation for Tour de Forts Classic and I would like to thank all those who worked on it. Our work is not done but I’m sure we’ll see it through to the (virtual) finish line.

  Events are a major source of income for the club and with one event cancelled we cannot expect to earn the same amount this year. One of the club’s initiatives that will likely suffer is the Pedaling for Safety Campaign so please consider registering and donating during registration. In addition, the club will also have to cut back on expenses for the remainder of the year. As of the writing of this newsletter we do not anticipate having a yearend awards banquet, and in addition awards are being reviewed at this time. If we do issue awards I would like everyone to strongly consider whether they truly want their award when offered. In years past we typically have a large number of awards that are requested but never picked up and that is just not a good way to spend club funds. So please think about how you are going to pick up your award when requesting it.

  Lastly the jersey window is now closed, and they should be out for delivery around mid-September.  If you missed out on placing your order don’t worry we will have new order windows opening soon. Also, if there is a specific jersey item that we did not include in the last that you would like us to consider in future orders, like sleeveless or mountain bike jerseys please send me an email. We have a new vendor and they have different minimums than the last one so we have to make sure that enough people will order.

  If you see me out on road, please say hi. If you see me out on the road and you have a great idea for improving our club, please email me at

Thank you, .

Brian Reyes